How to Protect Leather Furniture from Scratches?

How to protect leather furniture form scratches

Leather furniture is not just a mere investment, it defines your personal style and taste. High-quality leather furniture can give your home a classy and timeless look. However, when leather furniture gets scratched that is when all hell breaks loose. The pristine leather furniture that was once subjected to praises, ohs, and wows has now become a subject of frustration and ahs. Therefore, it is of vital importance to protect leather furniture from scratches. In this article, we will give you some important tips on how you can protect leather furniture from scratches, the deadly foe that seems to diminish the value of leather furniture.

How to Protect Leather Furniture from Scratches?

Protect Leather Furniture from Scratches by Changing Its Position

To Protect Leather Furniture from Scratches keep leather furniture away from pets and children

The location of your leather furniture makes a huge difference and determines how long will it last. To protect leather furniture from scratches one of the best things that you can do is keep it out of the way of your fur babies and human babies. Your fur babies and human babies harbor a strange affinity with leather that compels them to scratch it, so by doing this simple thing, you will not only save and protect your leather furniture from scratches but will also prolong its lifetime.

However, there is one drawback associated with this method. By keeping it locked away, it will be harder for the visitors to enjoy your leather furniture and even harder for you to show off its dazzling beauty.

Protect Leather Furniture from Scratches by Using a Leather Conditioner 

To protect leather furniture from scratches use a leather conditioner

Investing in a good leather conditioner, like Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner will do you and your leather furniture a whole lot of good. A good leather conditioner will help prevent scratch damage to your new, old, or antique leather furniture. Leather conditioner is a substance that is made up of ingredients that help keep leather springy, healthy, and supple. It also helps prolong the life of leather while protecting it from atmospheric elements. By keeping leather conditioned, you will keep it healthy will allow it to retain its shape for a long time, and also resist damage or injury that might get inflicted on it as a result of mishandling.  

A leather conditioner also prevents fading and cracking of leather. Fading and cracking most occur when leather gets dry. By applying a leather conditioner religiously, you will restore the moisture content that will keep it from fading and developing cracks. Using a leather conditioner like Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner is quite easy. Once you have done cleaning your leather furniture, all you have to do is apply a small amount of conditioner on a soft lint-free cloth and massage it on the surface of your furniture in gentle, circular strokes. Once you have thoroughly covered your leather in conditioner allow it to dry naturally for a few hours. 

How To Reduce Scratches on Leather Furniture?

Repairing leather furniture

In case you fail to protect leather furniture from scratches, fret not and you can always try to repair and reduce the scratches on leather after it has been damaged. However, keep in mind that restoration and repair is not an easy task and is not always successful. Therefore, prevention is always the better choice. In case your leather is beyond prevention, you can consult a professional and have it reexamined and reworked to minimize the appearance of scratches and restore it back to its former glory.

Leather professionals will mostly take one look at your leather and let you know if it is beyond repair or not. If they do succeed in repairing it, make sure to follow the tips given above to prevent future damage. 

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