Softening New Leather bridle

Softening new leather bridle

Ridding is no less than a passion, and getting a new leather bridle is always a cause for joy and happiness. The exciting moment when you first grip a new leather bridle is hard to beat. However, sometimes a leather bridle can be quite stiff, which makes using it a problem. Therefore, in this article, we will share how you can soften your new leather bridle.

Softening a New Leather Bridle 

Materials to Soften a Leather Bridle

softening a new leather bridle

Given below are materials that you can use to soften your new bridle:

  • A leather cleaner
  • Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner 
  • A small bowl containing warm water
  • Two sponges
  • Lint-free, soft cloths 

Once you begin the softening process, make sure you are working in an area that is clean and dry. Wipe your workspace off any grime. Dust, and debris before beginning the softening process.

Cleaning a Leather Bridle 

Cleaning a leather bridle

The first step to softening a new bridle involves cleaning it. Invest in a reputable leather cleaner, and before using it, do a patch test by applying it to a small discreet area. Once the cleaner passes the patch test, apply it either on a lint-free cloth or sponge, and then clean every square inch of your new bridle. When your bridle is all leathered up, it’s time to rinse the soap off with a damp sponge. Once you are done with the rinsing step, dry your bridle completely with a soft, dry cloth.   

Using a Leather Conditioner to Soften Leather Bridle 

Conditioning a leather bridle

Once your bridle is thoroughly cleaned and dry, it is time to soften it with Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. Use a lint-free cloth to apply Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner to the new bridle. Make sure to use only a minute amount of conditioner, as a little goes a long way. However, if your bridle is too dry you can use a little more conditioner.

Once you have completely massaged Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner into the bridle, it is time to let the bridle absorb the conditioner. It will take a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 24 hours for your bridle to completely absorb the formula and soften. Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner not only works its magic when it comes to softening your new leather bridle, but also protects it from atmospheric elements like dust, water, and sun. 

Use Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner Before Storing Away Your Bridle 

Once you have thoroughly conditioned the leather, it is time to use it. when storing the bridle, keep in mind to repeat the cleaning and condoning process. After usage, the bridle is bound to get dirty, so make sure to remove all the dust and grime off its surface before you apply Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. By doing so, not only will your bridle remain supple, but you will also enhance its lifespan. Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner will keep your bridle moisture and prevent it from developing cracking and fading.  Whenever you feel your bridle getting stiff, go ahead and reapply, Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner and restore it back to its soft, supple form. 

It’s better if you condition your bridle every 6 to 12 months, even if it is not stiff. Regular cleaning and conditioning can help maintain its allure and beauty for a long time, all the while protecting it against adverse environments.

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