What is the Difference Between Real Leather and Fake Leather?

What is the Difference Between Real Leather and Fake Leather

Leather boots, jackets, and purses are glorious, to say the least, they are also quite expensive. Therefore, if you are thinking about investing your life savings into a leather product, it will do you well to know the difference between real leather and fake leather. Because paying a premium price for a faux pas is neither good for your wallet nor heart. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about the 5 telltale differences between real leather and fake leather

Difference Between Real Leather and Fake Leather 

difference between real and fake leather

Check the Label 

label on real leather

The main difference between real leather and fake leather is that real leather products come with a label indicating that the product is made of real leather. As the manufacturers are quite eager to show off that their leather products are genuine, they make sure that the tag is in a place that is easy to spot. In case the leather product does not have a label or says “man-made product” then that means that the product in your hand is not made of real leather. 


Another way via which you can tell the difference between real leather and fake leather is by its smell. Even though it might feel funny to go around the store, sniffing their products, but the smell of leather is a telltale sign if it’s genuine or not. Fake leather cannot replicate the smell of real leather. Therefore, before going on a shopping spree, make sure to become familiar with the smell of real leather so that no one can scam you. 

Texture Test 

Depending on the type and quality, real leather can either feel smooth or coarse. While on the other hand, fake leather harbors a very smooth, plasticky texture. Moreover, real leather also has a non-consistent texture while faux leather supports a consistent appearance.

Examine the Edges 

Another great indicator of authenticity is the edges of the leather product. Faux leather has edges that are smooth and seem plasticky to the touch. While real leather supports more natural, rough edges. 

Examine the Pores

pores on leather

A major difference between real leather and fake leather lies in the pores. If the texture and appearance of leather seem too good to be true, then that means it’s the mimicker, faux leather. Real leather supports an inconsistent pattern of pores as it is natural. While on the other hand, man-made leather has a consistent, repeating pattern. 

To hone your skills in leather identification, spend some time comparing real leather and fake leather. With more and more practice you will be able to easily identify the differences between the two and save yourself from scams. 

Cleaning and Conditioning Real Leather

 Fake leather does not require cleaning and conditioning like real leather does. Even though real leather is durable, it is prone to wear and tear and fading. Therefore, regular cleaning and conditioning is a must. Given below are steps that you must follow when caring for real leather:

  • Take a soft cloth and wipe the surface of the leather to remove any dust or grime. As dust is made up of sharp minute particles, their accumulation can lead to tiny scratches on the surface of leather that can drastically reduce its appearance and allure. 
  • Once you have cleaned all the dust from the surface of the leather, it’s time to clean it with a leather cleaner. Before cleaning do a patch test to see how the leather reacts with the cleaner. If there is no adverse reaction, you are good to go. Apply a small amount of cleaner on a soft cloth and thoroughly clean the leather. Once it is clean, allow the leather to dry naturally for a few hours. 
  • Once the leather is dry, condition it with Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner on a lint-free cloth and massage the conditioner on the surface of the leather in a gentle, circular motion. Once the leather is thoroughly coated with conditioner, allow it to dry for 24 hours. Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner not only breathes new life into leather but also protects it from water and sun damage. 

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