How to Maintain and Care for Motorcycle Leather?

how to maintain and care for motorcycle leather

All motorcycle enthusiasts will agree with us here that they tend to take extra care of their bikes. This is because they know that with proper maintenance and a dash of care, they can keep their bikes in the best form. Despite popular belief, motorcycle care goes beyond regular oil checks, bike chain lubrication, and air pressure checks. Motorcycle leather also demands a lot of care, possibly more than the bike itself. This article is dedicated to motorcycle owners all over the world. Here, we will discuss how you can care for your motorcycle leather in the best way possible. 

Motorcycle Leather Care

maintaining motorcycle leather

Apart from maintenance work, you also need to clean and condition the leather of your motorcycle along with other leather motorcycle gear such as pants, jackets, gloves, and bags. A bike goes through mud, climbs mountains, and is dragged through dust. And as leather is porous it attracts a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. If left for a long time, this dust can seep into the leather, causing it to dry and fade. 

Steps for Cleaning and Conditioning

Cleaning and Conditioning motorcycle leather

Dusting and Cleaning 

The journey to protecting and maintaining your motorcycle leather begins with cleaning, followed by a conditioner that serves as an important line of defense. The process of cleaning your motorcycle leather is similar to cleaning other leather products. You begin by dusting your motorcycle to remove any dust and grime covering its surface. Afterward, dampen a soft cloth with a leather cleaner and wipe the surface of the leather clean.

Make sure to pay extra attention to stained and soiled areas. Once you have given your motorcycle a good rub down, it’s time to leave it to dry naturally, preferably overnight. Do not subject your leather to heat sources or sunlight to dry it. this is because sunlight and heat sources like a hair dryer can cause excessive dryness that can lead to fading and cracks.

Conditioning and Restoring 

When your motorcycle leather is dry, it’s time to condition it with Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. If you haven’t used Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner before, make sure to do a patch test to check how your leather reacts to it. even though Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner is made of all-natural ingredients, it’s best to be safe.

To apply the conditioner, take a small amount of it on a soft lint-free cloth and then massage the conditioner on the surface of the leather in gentle circular strokes. Once you have covered the entire leather in conditioner, let it dry for a minimum of two and a maximum of twenty-four hours. Once your motorcycle leather is dry, remove the excess conditioner and check if it needs another coat of conditioner. 

Dos and Don’ts of Motorcycle Leather and Gear Cleaning 

Dos and don'ts of cleaning motorcycle leather
Before you clean your motorcycle gear, make sure to read the instructions of the manufacture as they will let you know what products you can and can’t use on them.Do not use excessive water to clean your motorcycle leather, you can however use a damp towel to remove dirt, or dust. 
Do a spot test before trying a new cleaner and conditioner no matter how gentle they are. Don’t dry your leather by exposing it to direct sunlight or heart sources like hair dryers. 
Always use a gentle leather cleaner to clean your motorcycle leather and gear. Avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach on your leather. 
To apply cleaner or conditioner, use a soft lint-free cloth and avoid rubbing the leather 
Make sure to condition your motorcycle leather every 6 to 12 months.  

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