Caring and Maintaining Leather SaddleBags

Caring and Maintaining Leather Saddlebags

Leather saddlebags are a statement. In fact, every motorcycle leather accessory is a luxury in its own right. Even if your motorcycle accessories are highly pampered, they can fall a victim to the elements like road conditions, wind, and weather. Therefore, proper care and maintenance is a must. In this article, we will discuss how you can care for and maintain your motorcycle leather saddlebags. You can follow the same guide for other leather motorcycle accessories as well. 

How to Take Care of Leather Saddlebags

Caring and maintaining leather saddlebags

The care and maintenance of leather saddlebags involves these basic elements, cleaning, treatment, and protection. By following these three key steps you can keep your saddlebags as good as new and also extend their life span.

Make Dusting a Habit 

Leather saddlebags are bound to get dirty, there is no way around it. The only way you can however avoid damage to them is by dusting them on a regular basis, After every ride, make sure to thoroughly dust your saddlebags to remove any dust and grime sticking to their surface. Even if you are not taking your saddlebags on rides, it is best to dust them on a regular basis. Leather saddlebags are not a cheap investment. Therefore, in order to get your money’s worth, you must care for them. 

Use a Bespoke Leather Cleaner to Clean Them

Cleaning a leather saddlebag

If you can invest in a leather saddlebag, you can definitely invest in a bespoke leather cleaner from a reputable company. Once you have removed all the dirt and debris from the surface of your saddlebag, it’s time to subject it to thorough cleaning via a leather cleaner. Apply a small amount of leather cleaner on a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface of your saddlebag. Once you have cleaned your saddlebag, let it dry for a few hours, preferably overnight. 

Use Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner to Condition Your Leather Saddlebags 

Within this step comprises the two keywords of leather saddlebag maintenance i.e. treatment and protection. A leather conditioner like Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner not only restores the suppleness of leather saddlebags but also protects them from water and sun damage. Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner harbors water-repellent and sun protection properties which enhance the durability of leather.

To condition your leather saddlebags, take a small amount of conditioner on a soft cloth and then gently massage it on the surface of the leather. Use gentle, circular strokes to massage the conditioner and avoid rubbing and scrubbing. Once your leather is thoroughly coated in the conditioner allow it to dry for 2 to 25 hours. Once your leather saddlebags are dry, remove excess conditioner from their surface and check if they need another coat of conditioner. 

Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Saddlebags

Dos and Don'ts of caring for saddlebags
Dos Don’ts 
Always air dry the leather. Don’t use heart sources like a hair dryer to dry leather. Don’t machine wash or dry leather saddlebags. 
In case of spillage, quickly wipe the leather saddlebag with a soft cloth.Do not subject them to ironing. 
Remember to condition your leather saddlebags every 6 to 12 months. Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia on saddlebags.
Before using any product on your saddlebag, make sure to do a patch test.Do not soak them in water.  
Only use a bespoke leather cleaner to clean your leather. Don’t store then near heart sources or in the sun.

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