Cleaning and Conditioning a Leather Wallet

cleaning and conditioning a leather wallet

A question for all you leather lovers out there, apart from your cellphone, which other item you don’t leave the house without? We are 110% sure that your answer is going to be, your leather wallet. For many, a wallet is just an item that they use to store money, credit cards, and driver’s licenses. However, for some, a wallet is a statement, an investment of great value. Leather wallets are a leather lover’s most-priced possession.

They keep it close to their heart, shielding it against all adversities, if you are a leather wallet owner and are looking for ways to care for and maintain it, then this article will help you immensely. In this article, we will delve into the cleaning and conditioning process of a leather wallet. 

Cleaning and Conditioning a Leather Wallet 

Cleaning and Conditioning a Leather Wallet

Dust and Wipe

Even though leather is a sturdy, durable material, it still demands care and love, if you wish for it to last a long long time you have to take care of it. The best way to extend the lifespan of your beloved leather wallet is by cleaning it on a regular basis, followed by conditioning. To clean your leather wallet, the first thing you have to do is dust it with a soft rag to remove all the dust and grime from its surface and prepare it for cleaning. 

Clean and Dry 

Once you have dusted every inch of your wallet, it’s time to clean it thoroughly with a reputable leather cleaner. Before using the cleaner, make sure to do a patch by applying a small amount of cleaner on a discreet area. By doing so you will be able to test if the cleaner has any adverse impact on the wallet or not. Once the cleaner passes the patch test, it’s time to clean your leather wallet.

Take a soft, lint-free cloth and apply a small amount of leather cleaner to it. Gently wipe the surface of your wallet, make sure to pay extra attention to the soiled areas. Once you have cleaned your wallet thoroughly, it’s time to let it dry for a few hours. Once your leather is dry, you can condition it. 

Condition and Replenish 

Maintaining a leather wallet

Leather care revolves around cleaning and conditioning. If you wish to maintain the suppleness of your leather you need to condition it every 6 to 12 months. Invest in a good leather conditioner like Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. Before applying the conditioner, do a patch test to see how your leather reacts to it. If there isn’t any adverse reaction you can proceed.

To apply the conditioner, take a minute amount of it on a soft cloth and gently massage it on your leather wallet. Once you have thoroughly covered the wallet in conditioner leave it to dry for 2, preferably 24 hours. Once it is wipe off the excess, and check if your wallet needs a second coat of conditioner. if it does, repeat the process, until your wallet looks supple and hydrated.

Dos and Don’ts of Caring for a Leather Wallet 

Dos and Donts of caring for a leather wallet

Use a Bespoke Leather Cleaner

When cleaning your wallet, make sure to stay away from your pantry. Even though the internet is filled with DIY leather cleaner recipes, it’s best to steer clear of them as they do more harm than good. Moreover, many people recommend using baby wipes for cleaning leather as they believe them to be gentle. However, that is not the case, baby wipes contain chemicals, and ingredients that can lead to cracks and fading. 

Use a Bespoke Leather Conditioner 

Some people tend to use olive oil as a leather conditioner, even swear by it. But trust us when we say this, olive oil is a harmful foe for your beloved leather. Even though for the time being your leather might look shiny and conditioned, after some time, your leather will develop oil spots that will be difficult to get out of, even with professional help. 

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