Ultimate Guide to Protecting Leather Shoes from Rain

Ultimate Guide to Protecting Leather Shoes from Rain

As leather is a durable material, it is used heavily for the manufacturing of high-quality leather shoes and boots. However, no matter how durable leather is, excess water can have hazardous impacts on it. As leather is skin, it possesses high porosity. Therefore, it tends to soak up water quickly. This rapid influx of water, followed by a release due to the drying of water can cause cracking and premature damage to leather. Leather shoes are not cheap and letting them get ruined by water is equivalent to having your money go down the drain.

Leather is an investment, and you must care for it. However, not everything is in our control, and despite our tremendous efforts, sometimes life happens. Therefore, in this article, we decided to offer you a detailed guide on how you can protect your leather shoes from getting ruined when life decides to throw a test your way. 

Tips for Protecting Leather Shoes from Water 

Remember, Waterproofing is Not Forever 

Protecting leather shoes form rain by using galoshes

New leather shoes and boots often come coated with a layer of wax. This waxy layer acts as a barrier against water, protecting the shoes from rain and splashes. However, over time, with usage, this layer tends to break down. Therefore, you cannot always rely on this waterproofing, waxy layer and it will do you good to remember that. In order to keep your leather shoes from getting damaged in the rain, invest in a waterproof cover for your shoes.

Stack a pair of galoshes or shoe covers in your car or bag so that you can provide your shoes immediate protection in case of an unexpected rain shower. These covers will prevent your shoes from coming in contact with water, minimizing damage.

To Prevent Water Damage, Dry Shoes Thoroughly and Promptly

Dry Shoes Thoroughly and Promptly

In case luck is not on your side and you end up getting caught in the rain while donning your favorite pair of leather shoes, the only thing that can save them is prompt action. First, get to a dry place and use a paper towel to quickly blot the water. Once you get home take off your shoes and put either some newspapers or a shoe tree in them to make sure that they hold their shape and fit you properly the next time you wear them.

Then lay your shoes on their side to let them dry properly. Make sure not to expose your shoes to a heat source like a hair dryer or a furnace vent. Because just like water, heat is also a foe to leather. It over-dries them, leading to cracks and damage. 

Add a Water Repellent Barrier 

In case the waxy waterproof barrier of your leather shoes has broken down, you can add your own water-repellent barrier to protect your shoes from water. In order to do that, invest in Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner that possesses water repellent properties. Conditioning your shoes with this conditioner on a regular basis provides protection against water damage. 

Regularly Clean and Condition Leather Shoes 

Regular Clean and Condition Shoes

Make regular cleaning and conditioning of your leather shoes a habit. By regular cleaning, you will remove debris, grit, and even salt from the surface of shoes that kicked up while walking through the rain. To clean your shoes, invest in a reputable leather cleaner. Take a cloth, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to it, and then wipe the surface of your shoes gently with the cloth. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your shoes, it’s time to condition them.

Use a soft cloth to apply conditioner to your shoes. Once you have thoroughly applied the conditioner, allow your shoes to dry. To make shoes repellent to water and damage, conditioner every six to twelve months with Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. 

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