How to Clean and Care for Leather Furniture

How to clean and care for leather furniture

Ah! A leather couch, one of life’s greatest blessings. There is something about real leather couches and furniture that just resonates with impressive vibes. The epitome of opulence, and grandeur, leather furniture possesses a look, feel, and smell that is decadent enough to put anyone in a trance. And as we know, with great luxury comes great responsibility. 

Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty and extravagance of your leather furniture, you must care for it, clean as well as condition it on a regular basis. Negligence is the greatest foe of leather and if you want your beloved leather to last for decades, you must provide it with optimal care and love. In this guide, we will describe how you can efficiently clean and condition your leather. 

Cleaning and Conditioning Leather Furniture

Dust Your Leather Furniture 

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Step one of cleaning and conditioning leather involves dusting it with a clean, soft cloth. Dust your leather to prepare it for the cleaning processes, by removing all the dirt and grime sticking to it. In case you spot dirt in the cracks of your furniture, opt for a handheld vacuum to remove it efficiently. Once you have removed all the dirt and dust from your furniture, the next step is to clean it with a special leather cleaner. 

Clean Furniture with a Leather Cleaner 

For this step, invest in a special leather cleaner that is from a reputable brand. Before applying the cleaner to the entirety of your leather, do a patch test. Apply a small amount of cleaner on a discreet area of the leather to test if the cleaner will have any adverse impact on the leather or not. In case there is no reaction you can proceed. Take a soft, lint-free cloth and apply the leather cleaner to it. Wipe the surface of the leather with the cloth, gently. 

Allow the Furniture to Dry

Once you have cleaned you leather furniture thoroughly, allow your it to dry naturally for about 24 hours. Never use a heat source or sun to dry your leather, as they are both quite harmful to leather and can lead to fading, drying, as well as cracking. 

Do Another Spot Test Before You Condition

Before applying Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner, test it in a discreet area to check for any adverse reactions. In case the leather darkens a bit in color, there is no need to worry. The dark color is an indication that moisture is returning to your leather, which is a good thing. The darkness will fade with time. 

Apply Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner

Conditioning Leather furniture

Once you have done the patch test, it’s time to condition your leather with Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. Take a soft, lint-free cloth and apply a small amount of conditioner to it. Then gently massage the conditioner on the surface of the leather. Use circular motions and try to get the conditioner to every cranny, crease, and nook of your furniture. Make sure to use a gentle hand and do not rub the leather. 

Allow the Conditioner to Dry 

Once you have applied the conditioner, it’s time to let it dry. Leave it to dry for attest 2, preferably 24 hours. Once it is dry, check if it needs another coat of conditioner. If it does repeat the previous process. If it doesn’t, remove excess conditioner from the surface with a soft cloth and enjoy your cleaned and conditioned leather furniture. 

Why Cleaning Leather Regularly Matters?

Caring for Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather is vital if you wish for it to last for a long time. If you make regular cleaning and conditioning a habit, you will begin to see a positive change in your leather. Given below are some main benefits of cleaning and conditioning your leather regularly:

Added Protection 

If you clean and condition your leather on a regular basis, you will add an extra layer of protection. Leather furniture, especially couches are exposed to direct sunlight and sometimes heat sources. This exposure can dry them out. When you clean your leather and condition it with Whites Peral Leather Conditioner, you are not only restoring the moisture content of the leather but also encapsulating it in a layer of protection that prevents leather from getting damaged. Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner possesses properties that make leather resistant to water and sun damage, hence protecting it from its two biggest foes.  

Optimal Appearance

To bring out the best in your leather, cleaning, and conditioning on a regular basis is a must. Leather is skin, and we all know how skin looks when it’s dry and flaky. To restore your skin’s moisture barrier, you use a moisturizer. In a similar way as leather is skin, it is also prone to dryness. When you clean and condition your leather, you help rejuvenate it, restoring its vibrance, freshness, and smoothness. 

Increased Usage 

Leather furniture is not a cheap asset. You invest hundreds of dollars into obtaining it, hence you naturally want it to last a long time and also retain its elegance. That’s when cleaning and conditioning comes along. Cleaning helps keep your leather looking fresh, while conditioning adds to its suppleness and longevity. To maintain the beauty and allure of your leather, make sure to condition it every 6 to 12 weeks.

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