How to Remove Ink from Leather?

How to Remove Ink from Leather

Leather is a strong, durable material, however, sometimes life happens and stains our leather. If you get an ink stain on your beloved leather couch, bag, or jacket, don’t panic, because there are ways via which you can remove the insufferable stains, provided that you act fast. Make sure to have a sound mind and remove the ink as soon as possible before it seeps into the layers of leather.  In this article, we will offer you a step-by-step guide on how you can remove ink from leather. So, stop fretting, hold on to your sanity, and read the article to know more.

Know Before You Remove Ink from Leather 

things to know before removing ink from leather

Think Fast, Act Quickly – When your leather becomes a victim of ink stains, the two things you have to do are keep your mind calm and act fast. If you remove ink from leather as soon as it is spilled, you can easily get it out, because with time leather will soak up the ink, making it a tad bit difficult to remove it. The longer the ink remains on the leather, the more it will set itself within its layers.

However, if your leather is faux, vegan, or synthetic, then the ink will not soak into it as they are not natural leather and hence are void of layers. They will not soak up the ink, which means that removing ink from the surface of these kinds of leather is very easy.

Soak Up the Stain – If the ink on your leather is still wet or damp, grab a paper towel or a lint-free cloth and try to soak up as much ink as possible. Here we would like to issue a caveat; be wary not to rub the stain as rubbing will cause the stain to spread, making things a lot worse. Simply grab the cloth and gently dab the stain until all the moisture is removed.  

Ways to Remove Ink from Leather 

steps to remove ink form leather

Use a Mild Soap and Water to Remove Ink from Leather 

In order to remove ink from leather, use a mild soap and water. First of all, fill a bowl with warm water and then add a few drops of mild and clear dish soap. Then take a lint-free clean cloth and dip it in the soapy water. Gently rub the cloth on the stain to remove ink from the leather. 

Use Magic Eraser to Remove Ink from Leather 

Another way to remove ink from leather is by using a magic eraser. Take the eraser and add a small amount of water to the. Then dap the ink gently with the eraser until the stain is gone Make sure to use the magic eraser sparingly as it can lead to dryness of leather. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Ink from Leather 

Using isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is one of the best ways to remove ink from leather. Take either a cotton ball or a lint-free cloth and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to it. Dab at the stain with the cloth, and you will notice that the stain will begin to fade gradually. 

Things to Avoid When Removing Ink from Leather

To remove ink from leather, many people make use of nail polish remover, hairspray, or vinegar. However, you must, at all costs, keep your leather away from these products as they can cause the leather to dry out, alter its coloring, and can also damage the stitching. 

After Removing the Ink Stain, Make Sure to Condition the Leather 

Condition leather after removing ink stains

Once you have removed the ink stain from the leather it’s time to condition it because the process of removing ink will dry out your leather a bit. To replace the moisture content of your leather, use Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner. Take a clean cloth and apply the leather conditioner. Gently massage the leather conditioner on the surface of the leather in gentle circular motions. When thoroughly applied leave the leather to dry for 2 to 24 hours.

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