How to Protect leather from Sun Damage?

How to Protect leather from Sun Damage

Sun is the kryptonite of leather. Prolonged exposure to sun can result in sun damage that can cause fading of leather. Leather couches, car leather interiors, leather jackets, and leather bags are all items that bear a hefty price tag and are exposed to their fair share of sunlight. If not taken care of well, leather can get sun damaged which in some cases is irreversible.

However, there are certain ways via which you can protect your beloved leather from sun damage. One of them involves using products like a leather conditioner to protect the leather from harmful UV rays. In this article we will dive into the problems associated with sun damage and how we can protect our leather from this kryptonite. 

Protecting Leather from Sun Damage 

Authentic and genuine leather is a natural product, one that contains oil that allows it to retain its allure for years. However, when leather is exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time, the oils and moisture in the leather dry out. When the leather dries, it results, in cracks and breaks, with the end result being deterioration. Two of the most common problems seen in leather due to sun exposure are:

  • Fading 
  • Drying 


Leather Fading due to sun damage

Fading is a common problem seen in leather, especially if your leather is exposed to the sun for a considerable amount of time. After 4 to 6 months of exposure to the sun, you will begin to see some fading. 


drying of leather due to sun damage

When leather is placed in direct sunlight, the heat of the sun causes the natural oils and moisture in the leather to evaporate. If prompt action is not taken, this will lead to the leather getting cracked and dried out.

Key to Preventing Sun Damage 

Protecting Leather from Sun damage

Store Leather Safely and in a Shaded Place 

One of the simplest ways to prevent sun damage is to keep leather shaded and away from direct sunlight. If you have leather furniture that sits in direct sunlight, either try to rearrange your furniture or close the blinds and curtains. You can also cover your leather furniture with a cloth to prevent direct exposure to the sun. Another, way via which you can protect your leather furniture is by applying commercial tinting film to your windows. The tinting film will block out harmful UV rays and keep your leather safe and protected. 

Also, make sure to store your leather clothing in a spacious closet as they need room to breathe. Provide ample space for your leather clothes and make sure to store them in a temperature-controlled environment. Avoid storing leather in humid areas. 

Clean and Condition the Leather Regularly

To prevent sun damage, regular conditioning and cleaning is the key. Make sure to condition your leather with a top-notch leather conditioner like Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner to maintain its moisture and suppleness. Most leather cleaners and leather conditioners possess sun-blocking and waterproofing properties, that enhance the resilience of leather. In case your leather has been to hell and back, and cleaning it is out of your hands, consult a professional leather cleaner or restoration company. To clean and condition your leather, follow the steps given below:

Remove Loose Direct from Leather – Before starting the cleaning process, take a small handheld vacuum cleaner and remove any loose dirt or debris residing on the surface of the leather. You can also use a lint-free cloth to remove dirt. 

Spot Test – Before applying the leather cleaner, make sure to do a spot test in order to check how the leather will react to it. Apply a small amount of cleaner on a discreet area and wait to see if the leather reacts with it or not. There should be reaction. 

Apply the Cleaner Gently – After the cleaner passes the spot test, apply a small amount of cleaner on a soft, lint-free cloth and gently wipe down the leather. 

Let it Dry – Once you have applied the cleaner to your leather, let it dry for at least two hours before applying conditioner. If you have the time, leave the leather to dry for about 24 hours. 

Apply Conditioner to the Leather – Once the leather is dry, take a small amount of conditioner and do a spot test. Once that’s done, apply leather to a clean, lint-free cloth and massage it gently, in a circular motion on the leather. Cover the entire leather with conditioner and wait for it to dry. 

Wipe Access and Reapply – Once your leather has dried, wipe the access conditioner and check if it needs another coat of conditioner. If it does repeat the second last step.

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