Advantages of a Leather Conditioner

Advantages of a Leather Conditioner.

Leather products are royalty, they demand the utmost care and love. If one fails to provide them with the necessary attention they will fade away. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and protected. Anyone who owns leather knows how expensive it is, therefore keeping it in top-notch condition should be your highest priority if you don’t want hundreds of dollars to go down the drain. 

One product that keeps leather like brand new is a leather conditioner. However, be wary when buying a leather condition as there are tons of them in the market, but only a few live up to their promises. A leather conditioner should be composed of ingredients that are gentle on the leather. For those of you who don’t know much about leather or leather conditioners, this article is for you. In this article, we will explore what a leather conditioner is and how it can benefit leather products. 

Leather – A Durable but Delicate Material 

One of the most durable materials available in the market right now is leather, there is no doubt in that. Leather garments are especially durable and are designed to withstand the test of time. Leather pants, leather jackets, and leather shirts are all made of a material that can last for decades, provided the necessary attention and care is given to them. Due to the durable nature of leather, you will be able to find tons of vintage leather products on the market, the same does not hold for cotton and linen products due to their brittle nature. 

However, in order to ensure that your leather can defy the elements of time as well as the environment, you need to pay extra attention to it. Give the utmost care to help it last long. To keep your leather supple and shining, make sure to use a leather conditioner from a reputable company. In addition to being durable leather is also extremely soft and comfortable. To maintain this smoothness and softness you need to invest in a good leather conditioner.

An ideal conditioner will help maintain the perfect state of leather for decades to come. Opt for a conditioner that uses 100 percent natural ingredients. It must also be void of abrasive ingredients that will take away the smoothness of your leather. Invest in a conditioner that will be like a gentle whisper on the surface of your leather, one that will protect it from dullness and cracks.  

What is a Leather Conditioner?

What is a Leather Conditioner

A leather connoisseur knows that practical and stylish leather products are an investment. Therefore, dedicating time and money to maintain their quality is well worth it. You can use a leather conditioner whenever your leather starts looking dry or dull. Just like a moisturizer on the skin, a leather conditioner helps in rejuvenating the leather. The leather absorbs the conditioner which helps in reducing the dryness and dullness of leather. A conditioner helps protect the leather and also enhances its overall appearance. 

Leather conditioner comes in a variety of forms like wax, cream, or oil. Most of the conditioners are made from natural ingredients like mink oil, and lanolin oil that help in the softening of leather. In the olden days, leather conditioners were more wax-based and contained a solid ingredient, beeswax. But, with time companies started switching to synthetic alternatives and sacrificed the natural qualities that were seen in leather conditioners historically. However, Whites Pearl took inspiration from traditional leather conditioners and incorporated beeswax that not only enhances the beauty of leather but also makes it waterproof.

Usage of Leather Conditioner 

Usage of a Leather Conditioner

Cleaning leather via a conditioner is very easy and can be done every 6 months or so to keep leather looking great and to protect it. The first thing you need to determine is the kind of leather your product is made of as some leather conditioners might be suitable for sensitive leathers such as pull-up and suede leather. Also, make sure to use legit leather conditioners and keep your leather away from homemade DIY alternatives such as acidic washes and vinegars. Not only will these DIY homemade alternatives damage your expensive leather products but are also expensive and time-consuming to make. Before, using a conditioner, make sure to read the steps given below:

Step 1 – Cleaning Leather 

Before slathering on conditioner, make sure that the surface of your leather product is clean. To remove dirt and dust, gently wipe down your leather with a soft, slightly damp cloth. For more stubborn stains or grooves, use a soft brush. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cloths to clean your leather. Once you are done cleaning leave the leather overnight to dry and then wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove any residue. 

Step 2 – Using a Reputable Leather Conditioner 

Once you have cleaned the surface of your leather, it is time to bring out the leather conditioner. First, make sure to do a patch test. To do a patch test apply a small amount of conditioner on an unseen area of the leather product. Leave it on for 24 hours and then check. If the test passes, take a lint-free cloth. Apply a small amount of conditioner to it. Then gently apply the formula into leather in a soft, circular motion until the leather product is fully coated with the conditioner. The leather will start to absorb the conditioner, which will instantly moisturize it, restoring its elegance and beauty. 

Step 3 – Dry Your Leather 

Once you have thoroughly covered your leather with the conditioner, leave it to dry for at least one hour. When it is done drying, you can apply more coats of the conditioner if needed. Once you are satisfied with the application, leave the leather product to cure for about 24 hours. 

Benefits of Using a Leather Conditioner 

Real leather is a sophisticated, elegant, and durable material, that comes at an equally luxurious cost. If you have spent that much money in attaining real leather, sure enough, you can invest some cash in getting a great leather conditioner that will protect your beloved leather products and keep them new for decades. As previously mentioned, leather is quite durable and can withstand the effects of time if taken care of properly. Let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits of a leather conditioner:

Strengthens and Moisturizes Leather 

Once the leather conditioner is applied and absorbed into the leather, it will help strengthen it and also protect it from the elements of the atmosphere like rain by making it waterproof. Even though real leather is already quite strong, and durable, by applying a leather conditioner you will add to its strength and durability and help increase its lifespan. It is common knowledge that one must keep their leather dry at all times.

A leather conditioner like Whites Pearl that is composed of beeswax will incorporate waterproofing ability into the leather, keeping it safe from water damage. However, make sure to let the leather dry on its own when it gets wet and not use a heat source as it might damage it. 

Helps Improve and Enhance the Appearance of Leather 

A leather connoisseur knows that high-quality, real leather looks better with age. However constant use and weathering can have a negative impact on the appearance of leather. Therefore, in order to maintain your leather products, make sure to condition them regularly as the oils and other products in the conditioner, help chase away dullness, breathing life into the leather and enhancing its appearance. A leather conditioner helps moisture and soften leather, making the aging process even better.  

Adds to the Durability of Leather

It is common knowledge that real leather is durable and strong, however, you can add to that durability by applying a conditioner that harbors waterproofing properties. With the ideal leather conditioner, you can make your leather last for years, even decades. Regularly clean and condition your leather to add to its durability and strength so that it ages gracefully. Invest in a leather conditioner that will help your leather sustain its beauty, all the while enhancing its strength.

Some leather products like leather car seats, that are repeatedly exposed to sunlight, need the utmost care and protection as sunlight can damage untreated leather. To strengthen your leather car seats and make them durable condition them with a conditioner that harbors anti-UV properties like Whites Pearl. The conditioner will help block out the harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting the leather. 

Avoid Olive Oil at All Costs

Nowadays many websites recommend the use of oils like olive oil to condition leather in order to remove stains, dryness, scratches, and odor However, olive oil as a leather conditioner is merely a myth. It does make the leather supple, but you would be trading small-term gain for long-term pain. Olive oil does nothing to nourish your leather it does however accelerate deterioration of it. Leather unprotected by a conditioner is extremely permeable and absorbs any oils and liquids it comes in contact with. 

If you apply olive oil to leather it will seep deep into it and will spread everywhere. With time the oil will start to resurface covering your leather with unsightly oil spots. In addition to spots, the oil will react with leather to release a funny smell. In the end, you will have no choice but to hire an expensive professional leather cleaner to get rid of the stains and smell as the oil will be deeply embedded in the leather by then and no cleaning product will be able to tackle the problem. 

The leather professional will try to give your leather a deep cleansing to remove excess oil, however, even sometimes their efforts go into the drain. So, if you want your leather to look healthy and wish for it to last for decades skip DIY homemade cleaners and conditioners and opt for a reliable conditioner that will not damage your leather.


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