An Introduction to Whites Pearl Mink Oil 

Mink OIl

If you are a leather lover, then there is a good enough chance that you have heard about mink oil. Mink oil can be regarded as the holy grail of leather, its sangreal possesses the power to not only restore but also elevate its appearance. In simple words, mink oil is a leather oil that is composed of the subcutaneous fat derived from the animal mink which is a member of the mustelid family. Mink oil is mostly lauded for its two properties, water resistance and scratch resistance. 

Being leather lovers we know how harmful water is for leather as it not only has a profound impact on its appearance but also results in mold buildup which is a non-reversable damage. Whites Pearl, the ultimate leather care brand, recently came out with a new product, Mink Oil. Whites Pearl Mink Oil is formulated from the finest ingredients and possesses robust rejuvenation and restoration properties. It acts almost like a leather conditioner, only with added benefits. In this article, we will talk about this new product Whites Pearl, that has recently hit the Amazon online store with a bang.

Whites Pearl Mink Oil 


Whites Pearl Mink Oil is composed of premium ingredients, mink oil, and beeswax. Since both of these ingredients are natural, Whites Pearl Mink Oil has zero to no adverse impacts on the environment. Plus, these ingredients are also quite gentle on the leather and leave it with a buttery soft suppleness and extravagant shine. 


Mink OIl

Replenishes and Restores

Whites Pearl Mink Oil helps replenish the oils and moisture that leather loses over time. It helps restore the suppleness of leather, reviving it to its best state, winding back the years. So, if your leather is looking a little dull and cracked, it’s about time that you apply Whites Pearl Mink Oil to restore it to its former glory. 

Rewinds the Clock 

Whites Pearl Mink Oil possesses amazing properties that rewind the clock and restore leather to its former appearance. It not only replenishes the moisture content and oils of leather, but also dims scratches, makes leather soft, and restores its coloring. 

Natural and Organic 

Whites Pearl Mink Oil is a natural and organic product that is composed of pure and premium ingredients without any trace of silicones. As it is natural and organic, the product has zero side effects and does not pose a threat to the environment.

Multi-Purpose Product 

Whites Pearl Mink Oil possesses outstanding characteristics and properties due to which it is hailed as a multi-purpose product Whites Pearl Mink Oil acts as a leather conditioner, leather protector, leather softener, leather restorer, and leather luster. The mink oil also harbors water resistant, stain protection, and UV protection properties that protect the leather from its greatest foes and enhance its life tenfold. 

Leather Scratch Remover 

Among its many remarkable properties, one that hails supreme is the restoration of old, worn-out, scratched leather. With time, leather tends to get dull and develop scratches which greatly impact its appearance. However, a coat of Whites Pearl Mink Oil will breathe new life into leather. 

Usage of Whites Pearl Mink Oil

Step 1 – Dust 

Start off by dusting dirt and debris off your leather. Take a soft lint-free cloth and gently remove all dust lining the surface of the leather. Make sure to get the dust stuck in the cracks and crevices.

Step 2 – Clean with Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner  

Once you have dusted your leather, it’s time to clean it with Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Either spray the cleaner and conditioner directly on the leather surface or spray it on a microfiber cloth and then use that cloth to gently clean the leather. Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, allow your leather to dry naturally for a few hours. 

Step 3 – Apply Whites Pearl Leather Mink Oil

Once your leather is dry, use the sponge that comes with the product to apply mink oil on the surface of the leather. Thoroughly cover the surface and allow the product to dry naturally for a few hours.

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About Whites Pearl

Whites Pearl is a Texas based company that specializes in making Natural Leather Conditioner and Sneaker Cleaner from non-toxic and 100% organic ingredients. We also Prioritize our environment that's why our products are packaged using eco-Friendly packaging.

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