Caring for Exotic Leather with Whites Pearl Mink Oil 

using whites pearl mink oil to care for exotic leather

When we talk about premium leather, the term that mostly comes up is exotic leather. Just as the name suggests, exotic leather is the definition of opulence, luxury, and sophistication. Due to its makeup, exotic leather requires a bit more care as compared to other kinds of leather, and care not with just any products, but premium products, like Whites Pearl. In this article, we will talk about how you can take care of your exotic leather by using Whites Pearl Mink Oil. 

Caring for Exotic Leather with Whites Pearl Mink Oil 

Exotic Leather

using mink oil on exotic leather

Exotic leather is not your usual cow leather that requires conditioning every 6 months or so and holds on its own. Exotic leather is royalty that demands the royal treatment. The most common types of exotic leathers are ostrich, snakeskin, lizard, alligator crocodile, and shark. Among these, ostrich leather is the one that is readily available. It has a soft texture that is durable and flexible. On the other hand, alligator and crocodile leather is tough stiff, and a bit more rigid as compared to cow leather. 

Benefits of Using Whites Pearl Mink Oil

For eons, mink oil has been used to nourish and revitalize leather. The reason why mink oil is a popular product in the leather industry is because it is known to possess potent replenishing and remoisturizing properties. Mink oil restores the natural oils that leather can lose over time, the loss of which leads to drying of leather, cracking, and dullness. 

Mink oil is derived as a byproduct of the mink fur industry. The oil that is scared from the inside of the hide is heated and is then subjected to the process of saponification. Whites Pearl works with fur industries and takes their trash i.e. discarded oil, off their hands to manufacture its mink oil. 

The oil then goes through a series of steps before it is packed in recyclable containers and shipped off to Amazon warehouses. Even though many label the manufacturing of mink oil as inhumane, Whites Pearl only uses the byproducts of the fur industry and is not directly involved in the harming of animals. 

How is Mink Oil Good for Exotic Leather?

caring for exotic leather

Mink oil is known to restore the natural oils of leather that it loses over time. Most exotic leathers are already quite stiff and rigid. By applying an even coat of Whites Peral Mink Oil, you will not only be able to make your leather soft and supple, but also restore the moisture that it lost. Loss of moisture in leather can lead to cracking and peeling that can completely destroy the image of the leather. Therefore, Whites Pearl Mink Oil should be used on exotic leather on a regular basis to prevent moisture loss. 

How to Use Whites Pearl Mink Oil?

Exotic Leather care

Before you apply Whites Pearl Mink Oil, there are a few steps that you must follow:

Step 1: Dust Leather

Before the application of mink oil, you must thoroughly dust your leather. Take a soft link-free cloth and gently remove the dust and debris from the surface of the leather. Make sure to get the dust stuck in cracks and creases.

Step 2: Clean Leather with Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Once you have dusted your leather, it’s time to clean it. When cleaning you can either spray the cleaner and conditioner directly on the surface of the leather or spray it on a microfiber cloth and then use it to clean your leather. Once you are satisfied with your cleaning, leave your leather to dry naturally for a while.

Step 3: Apply Whites Pearl Mink Oil

Once your leather is dry, use a lint-free cloth to gently massage the mink oil on its surface. Take extra care not to rub the leather and use gentle circular strokes to massage the mink oil. Once your leather is evenly covered in a coat of mink oil, allow it to dry.  

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