Remove Stains from Leather in 4 Easy Steps

remove stains from leather
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One of the worst nightmares that a leather lover might face is spillage on their beloved leather. Spillage is quite disturbing because there is a chance that it might build up into a stubborn stain, marring the beautiful surface of the leather. However, there are a few ways via which you can remove stains from leather easily. In this article, we will share with you four easy steps through which you will be able to easily remove stains from leather. We will list down all the products that you will need to get rid of stubborn stains. Without further ado, let’s get cleaning!

Products Needed to Remove Stains from Leather

Products used to remove stains form leather

The products that you will need to remove stains from leather are:

  • Tissue
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
  • Whites Pearl Conditioner
  • Whites Pearl Leather Protector 

Two Golden Rules to Follow When You Remove Stains from Leather

Given below are the two golden rules that you have to follow when removing stains from leather:

  • Act promptly 
  • Treat appropriately 

If you follow these two rules you will easily and efficiently be able to remove stains from leather. When a spillage occurs, make sure to act swiftly and blot it. Once you have thoroughly removed the liquid, it’s time to treat the stain.

Steps to Remove Stains from Leather

Remove stains form leather
Remove stains form leather

Step 1: Blot Stain

As mentioned in the previous heading, you have to act fast once spillage occurs. Take a tissue or cloth and thoroughly blot the spillage till no liquid remains. Once you are done, you will be left with a sneaky stain that you can clean easily Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

Step 2: Clean Stain with Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner 

The next step is cleaning the remaining stain. You can do that by either directly spraying Whites Pearl Leather Cleaner and Conditioner or by spraying it on a microfiber cloth and using that cloth to remove the stain. Make sure to gently remove the stain, and not rub at it, as rubbing can cause damage to leather. Once you have thoroughly removed the stain, allow the leather to dry naturally. 

Step 3: Apply Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner

Once the stain is removed, the next course of action is to enhance the defense of your leather. To protect it against water sun damage, and dust, apply a small amount of Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner to it. make sure to apply the conditioner in gentle circular motions, and massage it thoroughly. Leather conditioner will not only restore the moisture in leather but will also protect it from further damage. 

Step 4: Spray Whites Pearl Leather Protector

To add another layer of protection to your leather, spray an even layer of Whites Pearl Leather Protector. The protector keeps your leather safe from mold and makes it resistant to cold and hot temperatures. 

What to Do in Case of Glue Spillage?

Remove glue from leather
Remove glue from leather

Glue spillage is not a common occurrence, but it can happen, and to be honest, it might be the scariest spillage of all. In case a glue spillage occurs in leather, follow the steps given below to remove its stain. 

Step 1: First check if the glue is wet or dry. In case it is dry, move to step 3.

Step 2: Use a blunt knife to scrape excess glue from the leather surface. 

Step 3: Use Whites Peral Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to gently remove glue from the surface of the leather.

Step 4: Restore the moisture and suppleness of the leather by massaging it Whites Pearl Leather Conditioner in circular motions. 

Step 5: To add another layer of protection, spray an even layer of Whites Pearl Leather Protector.

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